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Hãng :  Andro          

Loại : Off      Tốc độ :          Kiểm soát :        Trọng lượng :     Cấu tạo :     Độ dày : 

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Đặc điểm

The KINETIC RECORD OFF+ evolved from a long tradition of outstanding high speed blades by andro®. Designed for modern and speed focused table tennis this blade never lets you run out of control due to the Kinetic system which is integrated into the handle. The combination of fi ne plywoods has been tested in several test series and reached remarkable results in terms of speed and control. Furthermore this classy composition, the neat workmanship and the precise bonding of the layers provide a very special playing feel which is usually experienced with blades which are much heavier and thicker. The ideal instrument for players who use to play close to the table and who let the opponent feel the complete measurements of the table by playing precise and hard topspin strokes.

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