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AC Hero is 5 ply wood + 2 ply Arylate Carbon weave is designed for players who desire a top speed+spin game while still maintaining feeling and close to the table control.

Arylate Carbon blades are not a new concept, however the AC Hero has a special bond between the Koto outer ply and the Arylate fibers creating a new level of feeling and touch.

Inner ply consists of kukui with ayous just under the composite layers. Comes with a hand lacquer finish and a classy metal lens inlay.

Speed: 91(OFF)

Ply: 5 wood + 2 Arylate Carbon

Weight:  86 grams+-2

Thickness: 6.65mm+-.2

Head width: 151mm+-2

Head height: 161mm+-2

Note: Comparable to the Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Arylate Carbon, however it should be noted the AC Hero has a slightly larger head and is lighter in weight.Bảng thông số cốt vợt GAMBLER 

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